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Please read what our readers are saying Friggin' Bean Counters Navigating the BS infested cubicles of the Accounting department

"Accounting from Mesopotamia through the computer age, with enough levity to get you through a thousand years of accounting history. A practical and often humorous guide to the foundation, processes, and theory surrounding the world of accounting and understanding the accountants who work for you!" ~ Len Wood
"Speaking as a non-accountant, I found the preface and the historical chapters very breezy, informative, and well-written. Once it got into the nuts and bolts of the profession, it seemed well informed, but then I was out of my depth so I went out and got a beer to coll down!"  ~ John Arnold
"A great read and start for any IT professional who wants to learn a little bit more about Accounting and the bean counters of the world. Strong layout, a good amount of history and pictures make for an enjoyable read!" ~ Michael Green

"Easy read, engaging and entertaining, concepts that encourage IT professionals to participate in meaningful dialogue with Friggin Bean Counters." ~ Amit Dewan

"Must read for IT folks who aspire to management." ~ Ken Copas